Affiliate Links & Discounts

Here you will find affiliate links and discounts. I am proud to share information on the companies that I use and believe in. These are affiliate companies and some help sponsor our events. I have been doing business with all of them for quite some time and trust their people and products. Please check these sponsors when you are looking for software and gear.


Luminar Neo is a new creative image editor utilizing the advanced power of AI technology! This new release in Feb. 2022 gives you total control over your creative visions.
Use THIS LINK and the code
Meredith Images to save $10
(on products other than Neo)

The Nik Collection was the first “plug-in” software I ever used. DxO purchased Nik and continues to upgrade and add to the suite to make it even better. Nik Collection 5 – fabulous!
to check it out!

I have been using Topaz Products for almost 20 years! Their suite of AI products employs cutting-edge technology to make your images look their best. Use THIS LINK and watch my blog for promotional discount codes!


Smart Photo Editor by Anthropics is an awesome program. You can do everything from full editing to amazing creative looks with thousands of presets developed by the community (added to daily!).
Use THIS LINK to check it out!

Awesome creative photo editing! You may have used JixiPix apps on your phone – did you know many of their products are also available for your computer? Easy-to-use, creative effects.
Use THIS LINK to check ’em out!

I have been using Photomatix for many years. This is my preferred software for HDR images. Easy-to-use and great quality. You can control every aspect of the merge for the perfect blended photo.
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MeredithImages to save 15%


THE company for all your camera bag needs!
ThinkTank makes high-quality products that last for years and protect your gear.
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FREE gear with every purchase over $50!

Hunt’s Photo & Video is New England’s top resource for all your equipment needs. Family-owned since 1952, Hunt’s will take the time to help you find the perfect camera or accessory in one of their 8 locations or online.
Use THIS LINK to check out their current specials.

Digital Assets & Tools

Design Cuts is the original “bundle” company with thousands of awesome high-quality products in the marketplace. Everything from textures, brushes, fonts, digital art and much more. Check the webinar page for the Community Hangouts (webinars) that I have done for them.
Use THIS LINK and check them out!

If you’ve ever wanted to try digital painting, these are the must have brushes! Designer/owner, Nicolai, has created amazing, responsive brushes for every need. His prices are super reasonable and there are some freebies on the site to try. I use these to create some of my textures!
Use THIS LINK and the code Hazel15 to save 15%

This is my favorite site when I need a specific piece of clip art or a stock photo. They also have video clips, audio and more. Their pricing is very reasonable and you can purchase the size/resolution needed for your project.
Use THIS LINK to check them out!