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In this course you will learn the basics of typography – the different styles of fonts, how to select and pair fonts, how to adjust spacing of letters and lines, and use glyphs (alternate letters and swashes). You will then learn how to create Word Art – selecting and combining fonts, adding clip art and photos, use layer styles and text effects, then create templates for cards and other projects. In the last module I have included resources for fonts, clip art and more.

All of the projects for this course were completed in Photoshop CC. However, these projects can be completed in any program that can do layers (PS Elements, Affinity, OnOne, Gimp, and countless others.).


At the beginning of each module, you will see a link to download a PDF of the written project instructions. The first 3 Modules do not have videos as the notes provide detailed information for the subject.

Modules 4-11 have a video as well as notes. Videos are in a private area of my Vimeo channel and can only be accessed with the links in this course. You may download the videos for lifetime use.


Module 12 contains many resources for obtaining fonts, text effects, brushes and more, both free and for purchase.