Brendan Williams

I’m a professional photographer and photo retoucher with a passion for pushing the creative boundaries of photography and helping others feel proud of every image they capture. For the last 7+ years, I have been shooting and retouching professionally with work for many notable brands in the tourism and outdoor industries, such as Tourism California, Florida Tourism, G Adventures, Chevy, and more.

In 2018, I began the website, with a mission to help other photographers unlock their creative potential in photography, Lightroom and Photoshop. My goal was to create a resource that I wish I had earlier in my career. Now, I am fortunate enough to help nearly half a million creatives like you each month to learn photography & photo editing through my website and YouTube channel.

My #1 goal is to cut the fluff and create tutorials that actually get you results without leaving you behind.

brendan williams

Conference Programs:

Master Your Workflow: Using Photoshop & Lightroom Together by Brendan Williams

Learn to link the two most powerful photo editing programs to take advantage of transformative adjustments for your images. Here, you’ll learn how to seamlessly work between Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC, as well as Lightroom CC (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom) and Photoshop CC to fit any workflow. With helpful tips to understand why and when to move your photos between each program, you’ll walk away from this session with the confidence to use these programs together. An important skill that will not only save you time but give you advanced editing opportunities that many forget.

Effortless Sky Replacements for Dramatic Images

Learn to transform a boring and uninteresting image into something truly captivating. Using powerful (yet simple) selection techniques that anyone can understand, you’ll learn to effortlessly replace the sky in any photo. Take a mediocre sky and turn it into something spectacular in the simple steps that you’ll learn in this lesson. An important skill for any landscape photographer!

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