Dave Meredith

Dave took up photography as I became involved with various clubs and groups. He has developed his own style of creative processing utilizing Photoshop Elements, Topaz and other programs. He has also been working with digital scrapbooking elements and brushes as well as photos to create his own works of art. Dave recently made the move from Photoshop Elements to Photoshop CC.

Dave has been an officer of several camera clubs including the Connecticut Association of Photographers.

He is the one who had the original idea for the Creative Photography Conference. I always say, “He’s my ‘idea man’”.

dave meredith

Conference Program:

Dave Meredith – Using Photoshop Brushes for Borders & Textures

In this session,  Dave Meredith will demonstrate how he likes to utilize Photoshop brushes to add distinctive borders, and create various textures on my images. “I sometimes use a brush as an overall texture, or you can use it in just a small area of a photo, and combine several brushes to create your own unique backgrounds.”, says Dave.

You can use the brushes that are a part of Photoshop – and with the Creative Cloud subscription, you can download thousands of additional brushes for free!

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