Mark Bowie

Mark Bowie is a professional nature photographer, writer and much sought-after public speaker. He has done three coffee table books on his native Adirondacks, and has authored two extensive e-books on night photography. He has also released two instructional videos, “FORESTS: The Art of Photographing Trees & Woods” and “Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes”. Mark is a staff instructor for the Adirondack Photography Institute and leads landscape photography workshops.

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mark bowie

Conference Programs:

Envision: The Art of Seeing Creatively by Mark Bowie

Learning to use our powers of observation — to envision an image in the mind’s eye — is a life-long learning process that can elevate our imagery to ever-higher levels. I cover field strategies for looking deeper, working with a wide range of weather, light and subject matter. I discuss seeing subjects not only for what they are, but what they can be. And I examine how to truly see, then transfer what we envision into a strong image by refining subject placement, using lines, form and detail, colors and tones to create compelling compositions. With example image sequences, I relate how my thought processes and compositional choices evolved from the initial appeal to the final results — images with heart that resonate deep within us.

mark bowie
mark bowie
mark bowie

Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes

Shooting and blending multiple exposures has revolutionized landscape photography. Through these techniques photographers can push the bounds of what’s possible to capture with a camera, achieving results closer to how we envision them than a single exposure could, and opening opportunities for capturing “never-before-possible” images.

By shooting multiple exposures in the field and combining them in-camera or in the digital darkroom, photographers can extend exposure latitude, depth of field and camera resolution. State-of-the-art software including Photoshop and Lightroom CC, PT Gui, Photomatix, StarStax, and others, offer powerful options for compositing these images quickly and seamlessly.

In this presentation, designed for both amateur and seasoned shooters, I explain the many benefits of blending multiple exposures, and when and how to shoot them — to go beyond the ordinary and realize the enormous potential of landscape imagery. I cover field techniques, equipment, and the software used to produce numerous types of multi-shot compositions:

  • Layer masks, luminosity masks, and HDR’s for expanding exposure latitude
  • Focus stacking for extreme depth of field
  • HDR panoramas and multi-row panoramas for expanding exposure range and resolution
  • Time interval and time-lapse sequences

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