Phil Atiyeh

Phil Atiyeh ‘s past life in helping companies develop and launch new products has offered a natural path into photography where similar technical and aesthetic elements must work together. While he’s always had an interest in photography, it wasn’t until he left the workforce in 2019 (and joined the ‘playforce’), where he accelerated and expanded his photography with greater passion.

Phil has received numerous awards as a member of the New Haven Camera Club as well as merit awards from various photography associations.  His work has been displayed at the Small Stones Festival of the Arts in Grafton, MA, as well as the Milford Arts Council in CT.  Perhaps most notable, he was awarded the cover photo of the Alpaca Owners Guide (yes, believe it or not, there’s a magazine for this!) for his image.

An avid woodworker, all of Phil’s framed images from the photographic print to the matting or a hand-made frame, is all created and assembled by him as a finished work of art.

Conference Program:

Fireworks! Capturing and Creating Works of Art by Phil Atiyeh

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like a good fireworks show. The colors, shapes and bursts of streaking light are beautiful…and fleeting. Now you see them, now you don’t. But as photographers, not only are we able to capture them, but we’re able to view them as they’ve never been seen. With an open shutter collecting multiple bursts, the image on your screen is unlike anything the casual observer saw.

This program is divided into two parts. Learning how to capture sharp, properly exposed images. And then, a variety of creative techniques and effects to generate beautiful works of art.

phil atiyeh
phil atiyeh
phil atiyeh

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