Anita Hubbard

I am a self-taught digital artist with a background in graphic design, photography, and marketing. I enjoy digital editing and the creative process it allows. My work is a combination of digital painting, photography, and photo-manipulation using various post-processing techniques, textures, and backgrounds. Photoshop is my go-to program combined with TOPAZ, On1 and other post-processing programs.

I love creating art from pets, my own, friends or clients. They all have stories to tell. On my website you will see many examples. From Pet Portraits to Cave Man Art. I really enjoy brining a Smile to Faces…telling a Story.

You can view my art at

Anita’s Conference Program:

Creating A Story Through Composites

“Lady Isabeau Has A Tea Party”.
Software used: Photoshop, Topaz, On1.

Composite art combines two or more photographs or elements to create one new image. But a composite image isn’t simply one photo layered over another. It’s about blending elements from separate images to create a seamless composite image. To me it is about ‘Telling a Story.’

In this session I am telling the story of my cat, Lady Isabeau (Izzy). She was quite the Diva. Her story came to me from a hat I had just put together to wear to the Queen’s Plate horse race. We will create Izzy’s story through a composite I created. Izzy will be attending a Tea Party before the race. (Image above left)