Carol Mossa

Carol Mossa is an author, adventurer, urbex photographer, Airbnb superhost, Heygo tour guide, and a creative midwife. Her passion is photographing abandoned buildings and seeing the beauty among the ruins. Her photo book, “Linger Longer: Lessons from a Contemplative Life” was published in 2015. She is the founder of The Footloose Muse and helps people give birth to their creative visions.

Conference Program:

Unique Perspectives: What to Leave In, What to Leave Out

As an urbex photographer, I usually meet up, on location, with a dozen other photographers. (I never enter an abandoned building alone.) Inevitably, there’s one or two money shots that everyone wants. I’m the photographer leaving them all behind as I chase the light, the shadows (usually on the upper floors). If there’s time, I’ll return to the sought-after money shot, but never at the expense of the hidden, the out-of-the-way ones.