Diana Day

Diana Day retired from a career in H.R. Management in 1996, and lives with her husband, Don, in the home they built on the same rural road where she grew up in mid-Michigan. It was only after retiring that she became seriously interested in photography, and then fell in love with the creative possibilities in using her photos with Photoshop Elements – and she became pretty good at it. Through her participation in Elements Village, an online forum, in 2008 she was offered a position by Photoshop Elements Techniques magazine as a freelance author writing tutorials, which she did until its publication ended in 2016. By then Diana had upgraded her photography gear, had a small studio built in her home, and added Photoshop to her skills.

Besides shooting portraits, going on photography jaunts with fellow photographers, displaying and selling her work at local exhibits, and administering a Photoshop & PSE Users Facebook group, she occasionally makes Photoshop and PSE presentations.

Diana’s Conference Program:

Creative Effects with Brushes, Clipping Masks & Fonts

I’ll be sharing some Fun Projects and Tips in Photoshop Elements using three of my favorite creative tools in Photoshop and PSE – Brushes, Clipping Masks, and Fonts. (Projects can also be completed in Photoshop CC.)

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