Gene Malymeik

I started off with an old Kodak Instamatic with film back in the early 70’s and finally picked up a Nikon SLR in Korea. When I saw my first print develop, I knew I was hooked!

I have formal photographic training as well as self-taught. The military is very good at training. I’m a retired Air Force photographer. I photographed just about everything the Air Force threw at me, from general officers to politicians. My high points were President Bush Senior, General Colin Powell and General Schwarzkof. Some of the low points I wish I could unsee!

I recently retired as a corporate photographer for Ford Motor Company at the Dearborn Design Center. This is where all future Ford/Lincoln vehicles are designed and made, and I had the privilege of documenting the design and development of every Ford/Lincoln product that was released up till model year 2021.

In between all those years I also did weddings and events! Finally, after 40 plus years of “shooting” for others, I’ve hung up my retired sign! I am strictly now photographing landscapes, wildlife and playing with macro. And thanks to several people including Hazel and Dave, I’m playing and having fun with textures.

I photograph what I want, when I want, and how I want because I can! No rules! I believe in experimenting and if I like it, that’s all that matters to me right now!

I switched over to the mirrorless system last year. I was using several Nikon D810s and am now using a Z-9 and a Z7ii and love them! Lots of reasons why, but the main reason is the focusing system.

Believe in yourself. Keep an open mind. Experiment, learn and have fun. These are the words I try to live by now that I no longer photograph for anyone but myself.

Conference Program:

Lighting for Auto Photography

This presentation is a basic beginner’s course in how to photograph a vehicle with simple techniques.

We will talk about basic angles, equipment, and lighting. We will also talk about certain environmental factors that can affect the outcome of your efforts, such as lighting, backgrounds, and locations.

The sample images are very basic with the emphasis on having fun. Often, we get to concerned about the technical side of things and forget about having fun!