Jamie Konarski Davidson

Jamie Konarski Davidson is an award-winning freelance outdoor & nature photographer with a passion for capturing and sharing the intimate moments and beauty of the natural world on its own and as it blends with the “rest of the world.” Her images range from macro and abstracts to intimate, grand and rural landscapes. She connects with all things “old” and finds a special beauty in decay and fading cultural lifestyles that resonate a life of hard work. Jamie is enamored with flowers of all kinds. In fact, if someone told her she could only photograph one subject for the rest of her life, it would be flowers. Her interpretive style reflects that “love” of the blooms along with an intentional approach.

Through her company, New Life Photos, Jamie leads photo workshops throughout the East Coast and teaches and presents at conferences and other events. Her goals as an instructor are to encourage and inspire and help people grow in their photography skills, connect with their subjects and see beyond the obvious so that they can discover their own visual voice. She is a Lensbaby Ambassador and has been an instructor/presenter with Out of Chicago, NECCC, CanAm Conference, NANPA Summits, CNPA webinars, Mike Moats Macro Conference and more. Visit www.newlifephotos.com to learn more.

Jamie’s Conference Programs:

Getting Creative with Motion and Multiples

There are lots of techniques you can use to flex your creative muscles in the field and achieve interesting and unique results in camera. Using intentional camera motion and in-camera multiple exposures are simply two methods of creating images that invoke emotional responses different from what the straight shot is offering. They are also ways to “make the lemonade” when conditions are not ideal or as expected. In this session, Jamie will share how she uses both techniques and the thought process behind the choices. She will also share some practical tips for achieving best results.
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Wabi Sabi – Beauty in Imperfection

Wabi Sabi in photography is more than capturing “old” and grungy subjects. It’s about being present in the moment and being attentive to things that might often go unnoticed or unappreciated. Wabi Sabi subjects abound in nature and in all areas of our environment. We just need to have an awareness and attentiveness to seeing them. In this session, Jamie will discuss some of the history and basic concepts of wabi sabi and how this philosophy can be incorporated into your photography and, with intention, into your life. You may be surprised at the wide array of subjects and approaches that can be applied using this approach of being attentive to the everyday, ordinary aspects of your days.
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