Mark Hilliard

A landscape, wildlife & fine art photographer for 62 years, Mark has extensively traveled the world chasing his photographic visions.

Mark runs Mark Hilliard, ATELIER, his private digital and darkroom studio in Pawleys Island, SC where he practices fine art nature, landscape and Wabi/Sabi images. He leads advanced photographic workshops up and down the east coast.

Mark specializes in Large & Medium Format film photography and creates ALTERNATIVE prints with his Van Dyke Brown and Platinum/Palladium printing. This is a process from the 1840’s where the emulsion is made by hand and coated directly onto special handmade paper with a brush or glass rod, dried and exposed in a UV light box. Then developed in several chemical baths.

While Mark shoots high resolution medium format digital, he loves creating soulful monochrome images

For creating powerful monochrome images he shoots with a 100 mpix medium format Fuji GFX100s digital and a 50 mpix Leica Q2M monochrome only digital system.

Conference Programs:

Monochrome Magic

Working Along Side of the Old Masters…Mastering Monochrome!

The “Old Masters of Film” gave us our beginnings. This is something best not taken lightly. We have all studied them and the work they gave us over their lifetimes. Their techniques and advances are still applicable to us in the digital world today!

How many of you viewing a finely crafted B&W image have said to yourselves “Gee, I would really like to learn to master working with ultra-moody B&W images”?

Well, as a life-long photographer who has totally embraced both the film and digital world, let me assure you that the thought of creating powerful, ethereal monochrome images fills me with a desire, almost lust, to create powerful monochrome images that just will not be ignored!

I love the digital world. Its immediate feedback and promise of perfection pull me forward and will not let me go.  But for the most part, working in color leaves me feeling empty, almost as though something important is missing in my creative soul.

Here is the simple reason why.

Color is very pretty but leaves the viewer confused and mostly empty inside. BUT when you master the art of monochrome, you realize that stripping away the color allows you to see and feel the SOUL of your image.

Let us learn to master the art of soulful B&W images, and master the art of SEEING your color world in shades of grey!

Our Saturday Session:

Will be learning and understanding what to look for in terms of creating images full of mood:
– Tonality
– Leading lines
– Deep contrasts and bright highlights
– Sky Color and how to enhance it in camera
– Understanding colors and how they will affect your Monochrome output

Our Sunday Session:

Will be strictly post processing. I will teach you my workflow from beginning to end. I will also take 4 or 5 of the submitted images and use them for examples to process. (There will be a Dropbox setup for you to upload your images. I will choose several and work through them live for you to follow along.)

I welcome questions throughout my sessions and will answer them as we go along through the processes.