Mark Houde

I’ve been playing with cameras & guitars for most of my life from my teen years and beyond. Having majored in music, and then leading a worship team for 15 years, it wasn’t till 2011 that I really began getting serious in the art of photography.

Today, I professionally fly FAA Part 107 for a large corporation, but I also still enjoy flying as a hobbyist for myself as well as publications for my clients and my YouTube Channel. My desire with a camera (land or air) is to create pictorial stories – visual imagery that’s engaging to the viewer.

I capture beauty & harmony in the everyday places we live, work and play, bringing awareness and attention to our communities through visual imagery. You’ll find my work in magazines, reports, & websites, seen in,,, published by UCONN, Wallingford Magazine, and publications for the CT Farm Bureau Association.

Conference Programs:

Finding Creativity in Airborne Imagery

Think of a drone as just another camera on a floating tripod but with more flexibility and diversified perspectives. In this class, we’ll cover aerial photography with an emphasis on Vertical Photographs or nadir – the point directly below the camera.

Whether you already own a drone, or would like to know more about aerial photography, this class will cover the possibilities for Landscape Photographers to unleash their creative potential.

We’ll cover some airspace regulations and basic rules for both part 107 and hobbyist pilots. We’ll also discuss scouting and finding inspirational compositions using Maps and Satellite imagery. (Images above)

Pro Tips Shooting iPhone Pro RAW

It’s often said, the best camera is the camera you have on you, and today’s iPhone offers pretty impressive image quality and the ability to shoot in Apple’s Pro RAW image format.

This class will cover the settings used to set-up your iPhone for shooting in ProRAW (DNG format), why choosing the correct lens on the back of your phone is important, tips for shooting, composition, importing your RAW images into Lightroom, and then working with those images using Lightroom’s iPhone Profile. (Images below)