Mary Boucher

I first got into photography in the early 80’s when I wanted to take better images of my young son. So I went to Hunt’s Photo to buy my first SLR and the salesman advised “buy this totally manual camera and you will learn how to be a photographer”. That night I left Hunt’s the proud owner of a Ricoh KR5 totally manual SLR. Of course, I hadn’t a clue of what to do with it aside from a few quick tips from the salesman, so I signed up for a basic photography course at the local Y. That did it and I’ve been into photography ever since.

Today my favorite subjects are wildlife, birds, flowers, and still life. What I love about still life is that you can create something totally unique, something no one else has made before you, and that is very satisfying. I have provided still life and glassware setups at the NECCC annual conference for many years. I am an officer in the NECCC with the honor of MNEC and a member/past-president of the Merrimack Valley Camera Club in North Andover, MA.

Conference Program:

Easy Still Life Photography At Home

In this program I will talk about simply lit studio still life from light & airy to dark & dramatic. I will present options for your “set” (backgrounds and base) made from materials both homemade and purchased. I will show a simple 1-light setup that can be easily modified to be soft or hard or even cast dramatic shadows that become part of the subject.

As a bonus, I hope to add in a brief segment on dramatically back-lit glass pieces using light sources found in most homes.