Mindy Guidry

My background originated as a 20+ year seasoned GIS/CAD Specialist, mapping survey data for a Global offshore survey company. During those years, I started a part-time photography business, shooting family & senior portraits, along with a handful of weddings. After years of growing and discovery, trying to find what was a ‘good fit’ for me, I decided to focus more on the artistic side of photography. Through many years of determination to learn Photoshop for my photography business, I discovered and learned how to create digital art and textures for my images. I joined two local camera clubs, entered national and international photo contests, and even won a few ribbons and awards for my digital art. It was then that I realized that I was an artist at heart, and thus began my creative journey with digital art. With the support of my husband, I quit my job and jumped in headfirst. In early 2018, I opened a small internet texture business called Magnolia Textures. Along with creating textures, I also taught Photoshop CC, both online and in my home office, and most recently, added digital hand rendered portraits to my skills as an artist. Many of my clients now have digital paintings of their loved ones hanging in their homes for them to treasure for a lifetime. It’s a skill that I am glad I learned because it is very rewarding.

The very first version of Photoshop I used was Photoshop 5.0, back in 1998. I had fiddled around with it for just a few short months before realizing that this was what I wanted to do. I was hooked! I spent the next 20+ years learning and playing in it almost daily. In 2017, I had decided to take the Adobe Expert Certification exam for Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and passed. It was the only way I could validate what I had learned over the years in order to teach it. Yikes, that test was HARD! -and tricky! Unfortunately, Adobe no longer offers the re-certification program for Photoshop so I am thankful I was able to certify before the program was removed.

During the last 9 years, I built up my experience by adding Corel Painter to my repertoire. It is my go-to program for the beginning stages of creating my textures. The creative process for my texture development starts in Corel Painter, and then is finished up in Photoshop. The two programs really complement each other well, as I use one for building the structure and the other for fine tuning.

What I find exciting about Photoshop is that the learning never stops, and the opportunities for creativity are endless. There always seems to be something in it to keep me learning and interested. It is addictive to say the least. So many have asked me, “How many years will it take me to learn it?” I simply tell them, you just need to grasp these things: “Persistence” – You have to make time to learn what you can, when you can, consistently; “Inspiration” – Study other artist’s work. It really helps to keep those artistic juices flowing when you are inspired by others; “Patience”- Knowing that with knowledge, you must put in the time and work for it to stick. Realize that the process of learning and getting to an artistic level is not going to happen overnight. Before you know it, your efforts will pay off and you will realize that you have evolved into an amazing digital artist.

In the manner of the French Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir, and Chagall, Impressionist Photographer Carol Anne uses light, lines, color, and technique to evoke emotion in the viewer. Impressionist Photography is a type of fine art photography that relies on legacy lenses, motion, selective defocus, multiple exposure and filters.

Conference Program:

Creating Authentic-Looking Paintings with Art History & Mixer Brushes in PS CC using ©Paint Studio by Magnolia Textures

Mindy will be demonstrating to attendees how they can produce a realistic painting based on a digital photograph. She’ll demonstrate the use of Photoshop CC’s Art History and Mixer Brushes from her brush collection in ©Paint Studio by Magnolia Textures LLC. They will be used in such a way that will replicate the look of natural brush strokes. Step-by-step, Mindy will take viewers through her artistic procedure right to its completion with an attractive border and frame crafted with FrameIT II Action Set. Additionally, everyone will learn how to adjust their frames and mats to match their artwork.

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