Padma Inguva

Who Am I?
Age old question, isn’t it? I am Padma, a woman, a mother, a restless soul and lifelong focused student, and a mentor. I am forever seeking things that make me happy.
What do I know?
Many things. While photography is my obsession, gardening, reading, newelry making, soap and lotion making, and aroma therapy are some of my other hobbies. I might prefer one over the other for a period of time, but all these activities make me happy.
What do I offer?
A lot of images to show my journey in photography. Mentoring in photography and post-processing.

Conference Programs:

Floral Portraits Using A Lightbox

In this workshop, Padma will share some of her techniques in creating stunning flower portraits using a lightbox to bring out the translucency of the petals. She will discuss flower selection, various floral arrangements for better compositions, camera settings, etc. If time permits, she will show how to post-process these images in Lightroom/Photoshop. (Images above)

Photographing Places of Worship

I fell in love with religious architecture after visiting Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal in 2013. Now I am on a mission to showcase the beauty of churches, cathedrals, mosques, temples or any other places of worship around the world.

While countless photographers attempt to photograph churches, few succeed in capturing images that are as breathtaking as the churches themselves. The reason is photographing the inside of a church is hard. It takes an advanced skill-set to capture the three-dimensional beauty, found in reality with such high dynamic range, and convey the same level of emotion in the two-dimensional plane of a photograph.

In this program, Padma showcases her portfolio of images of places of worship, the equipment she uses, how she plans her visits, the research she does, proper etiquette to be observed while photographing, what settings to use when using a tripod vs shooting handheld, and how to process the images after the capture to bring the images to life. (Images below)