Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis has been a professional and fine art photographer since the 1970’s with a passion for landscapes, abandoned history, and interesting people. While he travels to find unique landscapes, his favorite location is the New Jersey Pine Barrens. He uses both a professional digital camera, drone, and an iPhone to create his work.

Richard’s inspiration comes from landscape painters and has developed a style he calls “Painting with a Camera”. This involves equal effort in both creating and post processing an image.

Richard is an active photography blogger, lecturer, instructor and conducts workshops in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and other places to help photographers find their unique creative voice. He also has published a book titled “Photographing the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the Ultimate Guide”.

Conference Program:

Finding Your Creative Voice

Learn how one simple word and 4 questions can change your photography.

Every photographer needs to find their unique creative voice. It is the basic building block of creating a unique photographic style that allows a photographer to make photographs that do not look like everyone else.

So how does someone develop a style? It was something I struggled with for years until I realized a simple solution… Ask questions. In this presentation I teach you 4 simple questions whose answers will lead you to define your style. I also teach one important key word that will drive everything you do with your photography, and possibly your life. This presentation is full of examples of how this questioning approach leads to creative solutions based on a unique creative voice.

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