Sherri Reed

I became serious about my photography art 12 years ago.  I am what many would call a self- taught photographer.  If I had to put a style on my images it would be to say my favorite to create is “Folk Art”. I also love to create what I call transitional art. I try to see what an image can become.

Whether I travel fifteen miles or fifteen feet, I have learned that beauty – as well as potential images – are all around us if we do not rush and take the time to look.

Sherri’s Conference Programs:

Folk Art Style Composites

In this session I will show you how to work from the background layer forward using original photo images. I’ll complete two projects, bringing in layers and textures, along with changing blend modes in Photoshop, to create a digital folk art image. Keep in mind as you are out and about to take pictures of trees, houses, and fences, all of which can be used in the future as pieces of art. (Images Above)

Simple Composite Solutions

Creativity has no limits, especially in Photoshop. What I originally had in mind for this first image, “Over the Line” took a total turn into what I called a “happy accident”. Taking textures, along with portions of textures, with adjustments to blend modes, I will show you that your original thought for a piece may not turn the way you expected but does in fact end up as a beautiful image. I will demonstrate even more techniques in two additional projects. (Images below)