Vanelli’s Conference Programs:

Master Fast Portrait Editing for Pro-Level Creativity

Harness the power of rapid editing techniques to transform your portrait photography to a professional level.

This class is designed to teach photographers how to efficiently use advanced editing tools and techniques to transform standard portrait shots into stunning, professional-grade creations. Emphasis will be on streamlining the editing process without sacrificing quality, enabling you to handle high-volume work with ease and artistry.

What you will learn:
● Speedy yet effective editing techniques for enhancing facial features and expressions.
● Advanced color grading skills to create mood and depth in portraits.
● Efficient workflow strategies to manage and edit large batches of images without compromising on detail.
● The use of selective adjustments and layering to add creative touches to portraits quickly.
● Time-saving tips and shortcuts in popular editing software tailored for portrait photography.

Easy Lighting Setups for Photographers

Discover how to master simple yet effective lighting techniques to elevate your photography.

This class focuses on teaching photographers, both amateur and professional, how to create stunning images using basic lighting setups. You’ll learn the principles of lighting, how to manipulate light with minimal equipment, and techniques for achieving professional-looking results in various shooting environments.

What you will learn:
● Understanding the fundamentals of light and shadow in photography.
● Techniques for creating flattering lighting with simple tools like reflectors and diffusers.
● How to use continuous lighting sources for consistent results in indoor photography.
● Tips for setting up basic studio lighting for portraits and product photography.
● How to adapt and improvise lighting setups in challenging or unexpected situations.

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