LEARN MY SECRETS!You’ll learn MANY ways of creating and modifying your very own textures! I’ll share my secrets on how I create and modify the textures found in the Sunday Samplers as well as the textures I sell in the Peacock Studio. Learn different styles - from Grunge to Subtle and lots in between.Modules 1 through 9 show you the MANY ways to create and modify textures! Module 10 contains resources and recordings of our group Zoom calls. All of this content - including any future updates to the course - are all included in this one price!!Learn to create textures in Photoshop with filters and brushes; on your smart phone/iPad; and by hand with various techniques! Then learn how to modify the textures to create new versions by blending 2 or more textures; changing colors with various methods; and using plug-in software. I'll also give you tips for photographing textures on your next photo shoot!Course includes 11 HOURS of video tutorials and over 160 pages of detailed written instructions. You'll have lifetime access to this course - videos and notes are available for you to download and keep. You'll be able to review the course as many times as you wish.PLEASE NOTE: You will receive instructions to access the course both in your receipt as well as in a personal email from me! Due to the nature of this product, there are no returns/refunds available. COURSE OUTLINE:Module 1 – FiltersWe will utilize filters built in to Photoshop to create a variety of textures.Module 2 – Brushes
  • In Photoshop with PS brushes
  • Third party brushes
  • Free online brushes
  • My brushes
  • Create Your Own Brushes
    • How to Create
    • How to Save
    • How to Export to .ABR files
Module 3 – Photographing Things to Use as Textures
  • Techniques for photographing
  • What makes a good texture photo
  • Things to photograph
  • Technique to even out the lighting
Module 4 – Using Procreate Brushes on an iPadOne more method to utilize creative brushes to make textures.Module 5 – Modifying and Blending Textures
  • Using Filters
  • Blending two textures to create new ones
  • Using a brush over a texture
Module 6 – Modifying Textures with Plug-InsI love using plug-in programs to modify my textures and create new ones!Module 7 – Using Your Smart Phone & AppsPhones are great not only for photographing things to use as textures, but also using some of the creative apps to further modify them (I use an iPhone but there are also many apps for Android – I will suggest - and demonstrate - some for each)Module 8 – Changing the Colors and Color Palettes of TexturesI’ll review the many ways to change the color of a texture!Module 9 – Creating Textures “By Hand” with Household Items & Inexpensive SuppliesWe will explore some of the endless methods you can create textures with various art supplies (most very inexpensive) and items you find around the house or at the dollar store.Final Chapter – ResourcesHandy resources for products used in this course and many more!