In Book One I showed you the basics of working with textures – how to find them, photograph them and create your own in Photoshop with brushes. You learned how blending modes make our textures work with our images and turn them into your own “work of art”.

In Book Two, we will delve further into projects that incorporate many textures and brush overlays (sometimes as many as 6 or more!). We will review compositing several images and how to make them blend seamlessly. I promised in Book One that I would show you how I created the cover art “Vultures & Cosmos” – that is one of many projects you will do (total of 12 new projects).

As in Book One, you get a PDF file of the actual eBook plus all the textures, brushes and photos to follow along with the projects. There are bonus sets of textures and brushes as well.

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The disc contains the PDF of the eBook, plus textures, brushes and images to follow along with the projects. Allow 5-10 days for receipt. Shipping charges apply. 

There are no returns/refunds available on eBooks (unless CD is damaged). Ebooks and/or textures or brushes may not be shared, posted, or re-distributed in any way.