eBook on CD: Don’t delete that digital image! Do you sometimes have a shot that you really like…a subject that is hard to capture…a place you might not get to again…but it’s not perfect? Turn that “almost” good shot into a “work of art” by utilizing textures and overlays.

Learn the how, what and whys of textures. Create your own textures and use pre-made ones as well. Learn how to use brushes in texture work. CD includes PDF file of eBook plus textures, brushes and sample photos to follow along with projects. Plus a set of 18 textures and 15 brushes that I created just for you!

This is the eBook on CD. The disc contains the PDF of the eBook, plus textures, brushes and images to follow along with the projects. Allow 5-10 days for receipt. Shipping charges apply. Digital books may not be shared, posted, or re-distributed.