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Tuesday, January 24th at 4:00 pm (Eastern Time)

“Creatively Editing Travel Photos”

I’ll take some of our images from our trek across the mid-West this past November, and show you how to get creative with your post-processing. Some days were very foggy, or rainy or clear blue skies. See my take on editing for challenging lighting and conditions.


Leaf Silhouette Image

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“I wanted you to know how much I appreciated and learned from your recent Topaz webinar. I’ve been photographing since 1953 and, while I know a lot, I learn more every day. So many presenters move through the material so quickly that it’s difficult to absorb the information. Your presentation was perfect for me. I look forward to your next one.”

Howard (New Jersey)

“Yesterday evening I took part in your Topaz workshop – it was awesome! Just the motivation I needed to try my hand at more creativity with my images. I am greatly looking forward to working through your eBook.”

Betsy (Germany)

“Loved your seminar. And I’m very much interested in learning more about the Textures program.”

Tom (Virginia)

“You did a wonderful job with the Topaz webinar! Your creativity and poise are much admired! PLEASE…if you are in the area, let me know!”

Karen (Tennessee)

“G’day Hazel! I enjoyed your demonstration this morning (Sydney time). I hope you will be doing some more in the future!”

Nic (Australia)

“Hazel, your webinar that I watched this evening was one of the best presentations I have seen! Well done! George

George (Great Britain)